Swordmaster — Necronaut Psychout

Necronaut psychout
Hundred minds out on a soulcrushing tour
Mind transmission, it’s the aces new mission
So tough in its kind
Yeah, you’ll scream, now scream
Chemical astrodream of the team supreme
Away into ways in entombed waves
You’ll see this death die!
Come on!

Fantastic wipeout
The killers are shouting out: юCome to the dome»
And you’ll burn as a coppar soul of the midnight fireball
You say юHey, no need to play ю the master’s gonna make you pay»
And it’s your decision, and you’ll better face this vision
Called the юNecronauts blood transmission»
Now listen:
Necronaut Psychout
The masters thay are screaming out:
Necronaut Psychout!

Then you met this Necronauts saying:

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