Stan Ridgway — Time Wave Zero

Low vibration of the human skull
Clean the cobwebs from my head
Twisted ribbon of my DNA
It’s like the spaceman said
A million miles from reality, that’s where
« The line will form a hero »
Where dimensions sleep and dreams collide

Take us all down in time wave zero
Time wave zero
Time wave zero
Time wave zero

The end of history today
« See the ships spinnin’ round the phone
Braniac trust in a garden of goons »
I’m feelin’ dizzy like I lost my way
Take me now to the planet of gray
Planet of gray
Please be « solid (sorry?) »ЁCЁCdon’t wanna be no hero

Chorus repeat

I’ve seen the eyes of Ant Man Bee3
They laugh and chuckle while attending me
« Read my fungus » from the days of Nero
Fiddle while Rome burned

Chorus repeat

Where the end of the world collides
And the food keeps comin’ down
And everybody knows the rug

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